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Spring fever is spreading

IOWA CITY (KWWL) - Spring fever seems to be spreading. The proof: Iowans headed outdoors in force Sunday afternoon, as temperatures reached the 30's. The cure: a bit of sunshine and fresh air.

Dozens of dogs and their owners could be found at Iowa City's off-leash park.

"We've been out here in the sub-zero," said Laura Rompot of her dog Rosie. "She gets a little stir crazy in the winter, and has been eating a lot of books and shoes."

Connor Grask and his Saint Bernard, Mack, try to make it there every day. But Sunday afternoon was a welcome change of pace from the recent blustery, chilly weather.

"It gets really cold out here because of the wind, so it's nice to have a good day to be able to get outside," said Grask.

The cold hasn't bothered a group of Amtgard players that gathered in City Park. They get together every weekend for a session of the game, which involves medieval-themed combat with foam swords and plastic shields.

"Normally, it's been down below zero and freezing cold," said Micah Mogle.

They're glad the snow is beginning to melt, especially when so much of the game depends on being able to move around quickly.

"The game's so much about footwork and mobility," Mogle explained, "and it changes things up with a foot of snow on the ground."

When spring finally arrives, more participants will join in.

"I've heard of 50 or 80 people being out here before," said player Josh Patterson.

On the other side of City Park, Andrew Petersen was busy doing flips and loop-de-loops with his new remote-control airplane. But as fun as that is, he admitted that he'd rather be driving a bigger machine.

"I can't wait to get the motorcycle out and start riding that," Petersen said with a smile.

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