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Dubuque's cell phone ban equals business for Bluetooth


DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- Friday the new Dubuque City ordinance took affect, outlawing driving while talking on a cell phone. But you can still talk while driving, if you can find the right technology. Hawkeye Cellular in Dubuque see's it's fair share of business. But this week one item in particular is flying off the shelves.

"Hands free for every type of phone, every phone out there has some type of something that you can put in your ear and not have the phone up to your head," said owner Matt Dayken.

Monday the city council approved an ordinance banning the use of your cell phone while you drive in city limits. Tuesday morning owner Dayken started getting request for Bluetooth headsets.

"Four a week is a good week. Tuesday morning we sold four and since then we've sold about 20, I ordered 20 more and the calls keep flooding in," said Dayken.

That's because the ordinance doesn't ban the use of hands free devices, like blue tooth head sets. But as calls flood in for hands free devices, the police start enforcing the new rules.

"I've been in since 5 am. We've been busy so we haven't had much time for traffic enforcement but we have done some work with the new cell phone ordinance," said Officer Ten McClimon.

Friday police started enforcing the ordinance, issuing warnings to drivers using their cell phones. It's something they aren't used to looking out for.

"I wouldn't say top priority but being that it's new we want people to know about it and we want them to know we'll be out looking for it," said McClimon.

Of course, with anything new it'll take time for everyone to adjust. And business aside Dayken says he agrees, this decision is all about safety.

"It's good for business but I think it's good for the roads," said Daykens.

Signs have been placed outside Dubuque city limits reminding drivers of the ordinance. There is a 30 day grace period where police will only issue warnings. After that it's a $50, $250 if it results in an accident.

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