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Skiing Sisters

IOWA CITY (KWWL) -- America's Olympic sweetheart - Lindsay Vonn - took home her first gold medal last night in the downhill ski competition. Thursday night, she's going for a second in the Downhill Super combined. Nearly two thousand miles from Vancouver,  Vonn's younger sister Laura is watching every race from her University of Iowa dorm room.

Laura Kildow is trying to be a normal college student. After all, she's got a big psychology test coming up.

"It's kind of hard to concentrate!" said Kildow.

And who can blame her? Kildow's big sister, is officially a gold medal athlete.

"I called her on the phone, we were both like, crazy, loss for words, a lot of I love you's, I miss you's, and wish you were here," she recalled.

Vonn may be the champion skier in the family now - but their dad was once a top racer on the slopes, and instilled his love of the sport in all of his kids. Meaning, their family get-away's were a little different than yours or mine.

"The last time we had a ski vacation was in Switzerland. It was pretty competitive! We were all ripping down the slopes," said Kildow.

Getting to the gold, has taken a lot of sacrifice from the entire family. When Kildow was younger, they moved to Colorado for Vonn's training. Financially and physically, it was quite a squeeze.

"It was a struggle for us, like seven people in a two room condo!" said Kildow.

You might ask, what's keeping Kildow from watching her sister in person? Her family could only afford to fly a few of the family members to Vancouver. And since Kildow needs to go to class, she agreed to stay back.

"I'm happy they got to go, but I definitely wish I could be there," she said.

And as each race begins -- Kildow is with Vonn in spirit, and keeping tabs on her on the Internet.

"I'm so happy, I'm with her every turn she makes, and I love her," she added.

Kildow talked to Vonn last night for a few minutes. Vonn told her, she'd better get all "A"s so staying in Iowa is worth it.

Kildow added, she's used to her sister getting all the fame. But she's enjoying a bit of her own lately. She's getting a kick out of the Facebook messages she's received from Vonn's fans, who say, they cried when Kildow responded.

Online Reporter Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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