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BECKER TRIAL: Defense testimony continues


ALLISON (KWWL) -- The defense continued to build an insanity defense on Thursday, playing video following Mark Becker's arrest.

Becker is accused of killing Aplington-Parkersburg teacher and coach Ed Thomas in June 2009. Becker has pleaded not guilty to the first degree murder charges by reason of insanity.

The defense played an video interview with Becker, recorded just hours after Thomas was shot. The prosecution used the audio from the same interview in its testimony on Tuesday. The defense showed the entire two and a half hour video in court on Thursday.

The video shows Becker at the Butler County Sheriff's office after being arrested. Becker sits alone for more than 30 minutes, occasionally shouting about the Devil and Lucifer. Becker also shouts about being on the white side, not the dark side.

In an interview with the Division of Criminal Investigations, Becker says he did a great and selfless thing, also saying it was an act of God. Becker told investigators that Thomas was being Lucifer, that the only way for the children to be free was for Thomas to be gone.

"Get back Ed. It's done, you're done. You're simply done...Ed Thomas, you are done. You are never coming back," Becker shouted in the video while sitting alone at the Sheriff's office.

Becker also told DCI agents he had felt dead nearly his entire life until that point, saying he felt awoken from the grave.

Becker also told the agents he did not plan to hurt anyone else that day. Becker said he went into the weight room to make sure students were out of the way before he brought in the gun.

In the video shown in court, Becker said, "It crossed my mind to take his family when I was drinking coffee. But, I decided against it right away. It must have been him in there. His force is that big. It felt so right and so true. I have no guilt or shame."

Becker told agents he never intended to run after the shooting, saying he knew he was caught. When agents asked him what should be done if he was charged with the crime. After starting and stopping several times, Becker finally said he just wanted to be accepted onto the white team.

Also on the stand Thursday was the Cedar Falls man Becker allegedly threatened and vandalized his home, as well as a friend who testified about Becker's drug use.

Defense testimony is expected to continue until Monday when expert witnesses are being brought in from out of state.

You can follow reporter Jamie Grey's live updates from the courtroom or watch live streaming video on our coverage page.

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