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What you need to know about "Cash for Appliances"


CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) – If you are considering replacing the older appliances in your home, 2010 may be the year to do it. People purchasing qualifying appliances after March 1 may qualify for a rebate from the State of Iowa's Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program, in addition to a cash-back reward from Alliant Energy.

Starting March 1, 2010, all Iowa residents will have the opportunity to reserve rebate funds on new energy efficient appliances, making it even more affordable to become more energy efficient. The rebate program, administered by Iowa's Office of Energy Independence (OEI), gives Iowans rebates for the purchase of new high efficiency appliances to replace their used ones. Appliances include refrigerators, clothes washers, dishwashers, central air and room air conditioners, furnaces and gas boilers, as well as water heaters. The amount of the reward varies by appliance and its level of efficiency. Consumers should review the appliance guidelines on the OEI Web site by CLICKING HERE.

Beginning at 8 a.m. on March 1, consumers can call a toll free line not yet announced or visit www.iowaappliancerebate.com to register their information and reserve their rebates. Once registration is complete, the customer will receive a coupon code that is specific to their registration. Forms and information must be submitted to OEI within 30 days of the reservation date, and the program will end after all funds have been exhausted.

Customers will be asked to self certify that they recycled or properly disposed of the old appliance that is being replaced. If a working refrigerator or room air conditioner is being replaced, electric customers should contact Alliant Energy. A recycling contractor will be sent out to pick up and properly dispose of the old appliance. Customers will receive a check ($50 for working refrigerators; $25 for working room air conditioners). Call 1-866 ALLIANT (1-866-255-4268) or visit alliantenergy.com/appliancerecycling to sign up.

For all other appliances, be sure to check with your retailer. Some retailers will dispose of the old appliance for you. You can also contact your local landfill or go to www.earth911.com to find a local recycling center.

Many of the appliances that qualify for these rebates may also qualify for Cash-Back Rewards from Alliant Energy, allowing customers to maximize their purchasing power. Check out alliantenergy.com/rewards before you go shopping or call 1-866-ALLIANT (1-866-255-4268). Additional information on the state appliance programs is also available at www.alliantenergy.com/appliances.


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