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CR Library Trustee Conflict of Interest Clarified


The Cedar Rapids Public Library Board of Trustees Tuesday expressed regret in admitting a conflict of interest involving one of its Board members, but said the conflict did not influence the outcome of a Board vote.

The Library Board of Trustees issued the following press release to clarify the situation.

Earlier today the Library Board of Trustees met to discuss the Cedar Rapids Board of Ethics Rules and Procedures.  At the meeting, Board member Phyllis Fleming shared that although she is no longer an employee of the Gazette she is completing some project work for the company.   Although this work is wholly unrelated to the issues of siting the new library, Ms. Fleming stated that she now understands that she has a conflict of interest.

Board President Susan Corrigan noted, "It was an unfortunate and unintentional mistake. Phyllis realizes now that she should have abstained from the discussion and vote and deeply regrets any issues this may have caused.  Since the Board's vote that prioritized the Gazette block first and the Emerald Knights block second was unanimous, this conflict did not impact the final results.  The vote continues to be unanimous to recommend these two sites in their priority to the City Council." 

Online Reporter:  Ron Steele




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