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Waterloo teachers overpaid for four months


WATERLOO (KWWL) - For four months, teachers employed by Waterloo Community Schools were paid more than they should have. That extra money will now need to be paid back.

This impacts all teachers and any employees in the teaching category including counselors.

Sharon Miller with the school district said that the teachers were overpaid from a teacher quality fund. This money was paid to the teachers in addition to their regular salary. Teacher quality is a statewide effort to make teachers' salaries in Iowa more competitive with other states.

There were a number of factors that caused the overpayment.

Miller said that 10% across-the-board cuts at the state level caused the pool of money to be smaller. Another factor was that five additional teachers within Waterloo Community Schools were eligible for the teacher quality money. A third factor was a spreadsheet error in the business office causing overpayment to the teachers.

The teachers were overpaid October of 2009 through January of 2010.

The money will now be paid back through payroll deduction to the teachers' salaries.

Most teachers will have a choice to pay back the money over a seven-month period or a 12-month period. Teachers at Cunningham Elementary will need to pay back the money within five months.

According to Miller, the total amount that will be paid back is $600-800 per employee.

Miller said that letters have been sent to each teacher. She also said that administration officials will hold meetings to meet face to face with the teachers so they better understand the situation.

Online News Director Nate Leding

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