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Wheels in the winter


CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) -- Like many Iowans, Larry Quigley likes to beat the winter blues with a warm cup of joe.

"I always like to go down to Roots and have coffee and read the paper," he said.

But simply getting from home, to his favorite coffee joint, can be quite a challenge -- not to mention trying to traverse in a different direction. Quigley relies on a wheelchair to get around town, and that's tough when the snow piles up.

"Basically, the only place I can get to is Roots from here," he explained.

Quigley's neighbors know his daily routine, and are pretty diligent about clearing their sidewalk after a storm. However, city plows often double the chore for homeowners.

"The city comes through in weather like this and plows over the curb cuts," Quigley said.

Chances are, you wouldn't think twice about simply stepping over a snowy curb. But for Quigley, even a small pile can pose a real challenge. And he said, many folks don't have a clue.

"You're going to have students who live in houses that have no idea. I can't go from here to college street in any matter at all," he noted.

When he can't take the sidewalk, Quigley generally rolls right into the street. He's not concerned about getting hit, but believes this constant detour goes to show you - something needs to change.

"It's pretty much an obstacle every winter. I think it could be done better," he explained.

Quigley is suggesting the city hire one full-time person to help with the problem. He said they could follow up after the plows, and just clear off the curb. The current city policy is it's the homeowner's responsibility to shovel the sidewalks on their property within a timely manner.

Quigley is offering to take any city official out for a stroll - or roll - with him. He's hoping a glimpse into his daily dilemma would convince the community to take another look at the snow removal rules.

Online Reporter Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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