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Dine-in or delivery


WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Stop by any day of the week, and Morg's Diner is packed. Come back the next day, and chances are, the faces will look pretty familiar.

"On Sundays I get a small plate of pancakes with peanut butter...during the week I get a bowl of Rice Krispies before work," said regular patron Virgil Carlson.

Loyal customers like Carlson count on Morg's to stay open every single day, for what owner Samantha Ludwig calls, their "Morg's fix." But even this dependable joint isn't immune to Iowa winters. Last month, Morg's diner stayed closed for an entire day, for what might be the first time in fifty years.

"The normal gal opens up around 4:30, she called me and said she couldn't get out of her door. So then I got up, went to let my dogs out, couldn't get out my door," said Ludwig.

It's just one day, but it matters to hungry customers, and employee pocketbooks.

"Small businesses - we don't have personal days. Everyone needs their job, and they need to get to work," said Ludwig.

While Morg's workers were stuck at home, across town Mama Nick's Circle Pizzeria was rocking.

"As the weather really gets bad, people depend on you to bring food to them if they can't get out of their home," said owner George Nicholas.

In half a century of business, Nicholas has yet to see a storm his drivers can't handle.

"Kind of like the mailman. They know there's a pizza to be delivered, they'll take it," he said.

Nicholas said he will narrow down the delivery area in some storms, but he and employees can't use the "snowed in" excuse for not getting to work. Many of them live within a few blocks of the restaurant.

"You just have to go out - it's going to snow, it's going to be deep. Get the shovel, get the plow, get ready to take deliveries with the four wheel drive because our customers need us."

Whether it's pizza pie, or flipping flapjacks...the recipe for a loyal customer doesn't change.

"They depend on us, we depend on them. It all has to work in a circle," added Ludwig.

Online Reporter Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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