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Sending kids to the most magical place on earth


For more than a decade now, dreams have been coming true for chronically ill Cedar Valley children. Thanks to you, those dreams will continue to come true.

Every year, the Cedar Valley non-profit organization, known as Magical Mix Kids, sends the children and their families to Walk Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  Call it the hometown, Iowa version of Make-A-Wish.

It's all possible thanks to the amazing efforts of locally-owned, KCVM, Mix-96 radio and the Re/Max Home Group. The organization's most important fundraiser is coming up Friday night, February 5 at the Pipac Center in Cedar Falls. Doors will open at 5PM.

Needless to say, the annual trip to Florida for the Magical Mix Kids and their families is not cheap. It costs literally thousands of dollars. So, this magical trip relies on the generosity of caring Iowans, through various fund-raisers.  Money to turn the Magical Mix Kids trip into a reality comes courtesy of hundreds of donations from Cedar Valley residents and businesses. Without that support, the Magical Mix Kids trip would not be possible.

The trip's main fundraiser is the annual Magical Mix Kids auction. This year, the auction will be held on Friday, February 5, at the Park Place Event Center, at 1521 Technology Pkwy in Cedar Falls. Re/Max Home Group invites you to this year's event, which will begin at 5 PM, and feature a host of activities, as well as the usual ‘silent' and ‘live' auctions.  

Admission to this casual attire event is just $ 15.00, The annual auction will feature more than one hundred ‘Silent' and ‘Live' auction items. The ‘Silent Auction' opens right at 5 PM. The ‘Live' auction is set to begin at 8 PM. The event will feature wine and beer tasting, as well as an abundance of light appetizers and a sandwich bar.

For more information, call KCVM, Mix-86 Radio at 319-277-1918, or contact Karen Kayser at The Re/Max Home Group at 319-232-7100 or 319-266-7100.

For Cedar Valley families, the annual trip to Florida is a once in a lifetime vacation. Mickey Mouse, and his many friends, are always ready and waiting for children from the Cedar Valley. Mickey, and all the famous Disney characters, were waiting with open arms on Sunday, September 27, when, for a 10th straight year, the Magical Mix Kids from the Cedar Valley arrived at Disney World in Florida..

Magical Mix Kids is a unique Cedar Valley non-profit organization, which grants wishes to kids suffering from a chronic or terminal illness. This year, twelve Cedar Valley children, and their families, will make the annual trip to Disney World.

Over the past ten years, Magical Mix Kids has provided the all-expenses paid trip to nearly 150 Cedar Valley area children, who suffer from the chronic and sometimes, terminal illnesses. The six-day Florida trip gives the children, and their families, a very special time together, away from worries of their treatments, a hospital or medical expenses 

Jim Coloff, owner of Mix-96 Radio, KCVM, and Director of Magical Mix Kids, says, "It's hard to believe this will be our 11th tip with the kids later this year. We are so fortunate to have a very generous Cedar Valley that believes these kids deserve to have their dream come true and visit Disney World."

One Magical Mix Kids Board member, Dr. Kim Newman, has made the trip to Orlando the past five years, and echoes Jim Coloff's grateful enthusiasm. Dr. Newman says, "Many of these families have never traveled before, due to the health concerns for their child. We try to give them the peace of mind knowing we are there to help, if a problem arises."

Magical Mix Kids holds several fundraisers throughout the year, in an effort to secure enough money to make the annual trip. The largest annual event is the Magical Mix Kids Charity Auction. The annual Magical Mix Kids Charity Auction will be held Friday, February 5, at the Park Place Events Center in Cedar Falls.

Jim Coloff points out, "We are very proud of the fact that we have very few expenses, other than the trip. We pay no rent, no utilities and have no paid staff. Aside from some minor costs to organize events, 100 % of the money raised goes to take the kids to Disney World."

What really makes the annual Magical Mix Kids trip so special is the fact that the family members, Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters, also experience the fun and excitement of this once-in-a-lifetime family adventure. The non-profit Magical Mix Kids organization pays for the busing to the airport, the flights, hotel, meals, Disney park tickets and even a few souvenirs. 

Online Reporter:  Ron Steele 





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