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Stokes following in father's footsteps

MARION (KWWL) - Kiah Stokes is taking the Mississippi Valley Conference by storm.

"She's big and she's a great presence for us and as a point guard I love it because I can just toss it up there for her and she'll grab it," teammate D.J. Norman said.

"She's phenomenal and she's so much bigger and more aggressive than other people not only on offense but defense as well," Kayla Klopfenstein, another one of Stokes' teammates said.

Tuesday, Stokes' 28 points and 10 boards helped the Linn-Mar Lions improve to 14-0 on the year.

And if the last name sounds familiar, there's a good reason.

"Christmas Eve there was a game on the Big Ten Network this year.  I don't know who they were playing but I saw him trying to do a little something something," said KWWL Athlete of the Week Kiah Stokes.

Kiah's father is Greg Stokes.  The same Greg Stokes that is third on the Iowa Hawkeyes' all-time scoring list and helped lead the black and gold to the Sweet 16 in the early 80's.

"He's kind of the reason I started getting into basketball because I saw him on those posters and I was like, I want to be like him," said Kiah.

"Very, very proud of her. She's having a great year so far, but the thing I get very excited about is I don't' think she's even scratched the surface as far as things she can do," said Greg Stokes.

Greg says Kiah deserves most of the credit for the player she's become, but he's always there to offer a few pointers to help her get to the next level.

"Her progress kind of comes in the form of layers.  I want her to be solid around the basket of course, her being 6'3".  I'd like to see her personally to do more away from the basket, facing the basket because when she gets to college she's going to have a lot more opportunities to do things like that," Greg said.

Kiah has already gotten offers from more than a half dozen schools.  One of her options being the Iowa Hawkeyes.

"Obviously I played there, and she grew up a Hawkeye, but the door's wide open," said Greg.

"I always think about it, like father, like daughter," Kiah said.

Online Reporter:  Jason Epner

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