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Iowa Caucuses set for Saturday

by John Wilmer

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Not quite the same amount of press as a presidential year, but the Iowa Caucuses are fast approaching. They are being held this Saturday across the state of Iowa.

"Every two years we elect new Republican Central Committee from people within the county and then we also elect delegates to the county convention and the third most important thing is that we work on our party platform," said Black Hawk County Republican Chair Don Wood.

Saturday was chosen to get as many people as possible to participate in the Caucuses.

"If they're interested in what's going on in our county we need them to stand behind us and we have a lot of people who are right behind us waiting and ready to go," said Black Hawk County Democratic Chair, Pat Sass.

Both parties are using the internet and social networking to promote their upcoming events.

"There are a lot people out on Facebook and Twitter and also we have a new website that is out there that everyone is aware of," said Sass.

Republicans and Democrats hope the caucus will re-energize their parties and give them momentum as they look to November.

"Come exercise your rights. This is why our country is here. This is why we've succeeded as a country because they have a voice and if you want to be heard and you want things to change this is what you have to do. Come to the Caucus and participate in the process," said Republican Party Media Specialist, Judd Saul.

To participate in the caucus you have to be registered to vote which you can do that designated caucus locations.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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