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Very few crashes reported during ice storm

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) -- Very few crashes have been reported to police Wednesday as an ice storm threatened to cause chaos on Iowa's roads.  Cedar Rapids Police say they received 19 calls for service of crashed cars.  Only one was reported as a personal injury report.  Only 10 of those calls were actually crashes.

In Waterloo, police say they responded to about a dozen reported crashes.  They say none of them were serious.

Cedar Rapids Police say if citizens are in a crash, check for injuries.  If there are injuries, call 911.  If there are no injuries, you can simply exchange information and the police do not need to be contacted . If the person smells of alcohol, call the police as well.  Take a few pictures of both vehicles with your cell phone camera. You will need to exchange information but in a safe place. If you are on the interstate, take a picture or write down their license plate; exchange names quickly and determine where you can meet in a safe place. If you are on the interstate, meet at the next exit. Once at a safe place, exchange drivers license information, vehicle registration information and insurance information. If the either driver does not have one of these three bits of information, call the police. Once you have exchanged the information and if the damage is over a combined total of $1000, you will need to complete an accident packet. You can get an accident packet at the Cedar Rapids Police Department or at any fire station satellite.

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