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Postal carriers ask you to help keep routes clear... and safe

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) -- The old saying usually holds true - United States Postal Service workers make sure your packages are delivered in any weather, often risking their own safety. But they joked, Wednesday's ice storm in the eastern part of the state is just another day in Iowa.

We tagged along with Cedar Falls carrier Kelly Williams. A word to the wise - if you want to keep up with Williams, you'd better have on some serious winter footwear.

"I wear my boots, sometimes cleats - sometimes the cleats do not help!" said Williams.

There are no cleats on her feet for Wednesday's route. Although, the icy, rainy stuff, along with a lot of wind, is forcing her to be a bit more cautious of where she treads.

Williams and other postal workers count on their customers to help clear the way and keep them safe. Along with clearing your driveway and sidewalk, remember Williams' route requires a lot of stair climbing. She has yet to take a tumble, and she'd like to keep it that way.

"Knock on wood!" she laughed.

Even delivering by wheels can be hard in the winter.

"If they don't keep the snow away from the mailboxes - the curbside mailboxes - it's pretty difficult to get to," she said.

Williams has no complaints about her customers. Some even go the extra mile and plow a short-cut. Which is why, even in this weather, Williams wouldn't trade in her truck for a warm, dry desk.

"I really like my job. I like being outside, I like meeting new people. I have some really nice customers on this route," she said.

Williams added, she gets a few homeowners who will come out and thank her for braving the weather. But more often she's the one thanking them for shoveling immediately after a storm.

The Cedar Falls Postmaster said there are situations when he will keep the carriers off the streets. If the workers don't feel safe, or when the city pulls the plows, you will have to wait for your delivery.

Online Reporter Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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