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Johnson County looks to fill vacant seat

IOWA CITY (KWWL)- Johnson County held a special election Tuesday to fill a vacant Board of Supervisor's seat.

That seat was left open when then vice-Chair Larry Meyers lost his battle with cancer this past September.

A three person committee had appointed  Meyers' replacement to finish the final year of his term.

However, a grassroots effort gathered enough resistance to challenge the appointment leading to Tuesday's special election.

Having the right to vote is a fundamental American freedom.

"It's a privilege and it shouldn't be squandered.  It's an opportunity for us," Iowa City voter Nancy Pacha said.

Some are wondering if Tuesday's election in Johnson County is worth the price.

"I think in many ways the 75 thousand dollars could have been spent better in Johnson County," said Tom Lagenfeld of Iowa City.

"It's a terrible waste of county money, especially in the state we are today," said Sue Schmucker of Iowa City.

Making the $75 thousand price tag more difficult to stomach for some, a small percentage of voters were expected to come out to the polls.

"Generally special elections have low turnout, and this one is no exception," Johnson County Auditor Tom Slockett said.

Slockett served on the three-member committee in October that unanimously decided to appoint Meyer's predecessor.

By choosing an appointment, the committee gave taxpayers the option to forego a special election.

"Given the economic situation it was reasonable to allow that option.  It didn't turn out that way and so we're having the election," Slockett said.

Many believe Tuesday's election is worth the dollar amount.

"I'm disappointed to have to spend so much money but I think it's very important that we have choices," said Pacha.

Online Reporter:  Jason Epner 


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