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Big year for River Renaissance Project in Waterloo

by John Wilmer

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- It was an ambitious project started in 2005 to revitalize downtown Waterloo, five years later most of the work has been completed, but behind schedule.

"The construction of the expo plaza, I would say is 100 percent done except for Jefferson Street that is going to be re-bricked because of some problems, but other than that it is all done now," said Executive Director of the Riverloop Expo Plaza, Jay Stoddard.

Jamie Knutson an Associate Engineer for the City of Waterloo has been keeping track of all of the projects from the expo plaza, to replacing the river wall, and replacing the downtown dam.

"When it's all done you are going to have a gathering place on the river not only for people to be in the river sitting on a boat watching a performance, but people will be able to be seated on the levy and on the top of the levy," said Knutson.

In the end it will be a 25 million dollar investment into downtown. Some of the areas have already been put to good use, but more work is still needed.

"Last year at My Waterloo Days, we were finishing things up to the last second before trucks were coming in and the landscaping things were being done, but now all the sod is done, all the amenities around the expo plaza are there so we have great expectations of this being a magnet for downtown," said Stoddard.

One project that was added after the floods was the installation of lift stations around the Cedar River to prevent storm water from backing up into downtown and other neighborhoods. The lift station near the Cattle Congress grounds should be finished sometime this year.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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