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Waterloo woman on Jeopardy!

by Danielle Wagner

WATERLOO (KWWL) Answer: Christine Havens. Question: Who is the Waterloo woman on Jeopardy! Tuesday?

Christine Havens was born in Iowa Falls and now lives in Waterloo.

She works at Trinity Episcopal Parish and at UNI. Havens watched her Jeopardy! episode with friends and family at Roux Orleans in downtown Waterloo.

Havens said she's always been a fan of the show. Last year, Havens took an online Jeopardy! test. Then several months later got an email inviting her to Kansas City for a second round. She was told she'd be in the contestant pool for 18 months.

"They go through 400 contestants a year and audition at least 1200, so didn't really think I'd hear from them again," said Havens.

In November, Havens got a phone call inviting her to L.A.

"I hung up the phone, ran around my apartment stomping. I couldn't breathe for a minute. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Just couldn't believe it was actually gonna happen," she said.

Havens flew out to Los Angeles and actually taped her show back on December first. She said one of the most difficult parts was not telling anyone what happens.

"They make you sign something saying you will not talk to anybody until after the show about the results," said Havens.

Havens thanks her boss at Trinity Episcopal Parish for encouraging her.

"She told me she was a fan and she's always coming up with trivia things in the office, so I figured why not? Go for it," said Mitchell Smith.

Havens read and did crossword puzzles to get ready for the show. She said the hardest part was buzzing in the fastest.

Win or lose, her family and friends are proud she made it on the show.

"Sometimes really great things happen to really great people and this is one of those cases," said Mitchell Smith.

Havens didn't win first place, but she did win $10,000.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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