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Helping Haiti forum offers ways to help earthquake victims

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL)-- Thousands of lives have been lost in the aftermath of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that ripped through Haiti Tuesday, and even more continue to suffer.

Kellie Schilling of Cedar Rapids says she wants to do whatever she can to help.

''The pain, the hurt, the deaths...I almost wanted to just start crying,'' said Schilling, who attended Saturday's informational Helping Haiti forum in Cedar Rapids.

The American Red cross, Salvation Army, and several charities provided answers for people looking to help.

The needs are tremendous. We spent about $110 million on the Tsunami effort five years ago. We anticipate the need is going to be at least that,'' said Angela Jordan with the American Red Cross.

The American Red Cross says it is still facing challenges getting resources in to Port-Au-Prince.

Maybe the best way to help people down in Haiti is by simply using your cell phone. So far, one-fifth of the more than $60 million the organization has raised has been through texting.

The Salvation Army says they too have received large amounts of donations both online and through mobile phones. The group is also planning on donating one million meals to Haiti.

We do know that food, feeding right now is a major need," said Lt. Michael Sjogren with the Salvation Army.

It will take a continued global effort to help a struggling country back on its feet.

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