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Iowa City considering removing fluoride from water

IOWA CITY (KWWL) - It's something many of us take for granted.

Is the water we drink completely safe?

Several people in Iowa city are posing that very question.

"It could completely be going under the radar.  Just something people need to be aware of and we need to take a better look at," said Seth Ream of Iowa City.

Ream is one of many asking the city to stop adding fluoride to the city's water supply.

"It actually is a toxin. If you look on the back of your toothpaste small kids ingest large amounts…it's really bad for you," Ream said.

Iowa City has been adding fluoride to its supply since 1957.

City officials say the water carries one milligram of fluoride per liter.

That's 75 percent less than the EPA limit.

"The levels we have are safe and effective and I believe necessary," said Ann Romanowski, an Iowa City periodontist.

Many health experts would agree...

The American Dental Association, United States Public Health Service, and World Health Organization all endorse community water fluoridation.

Global studies have found no health risks with this practice, especially at the small levels found in cities' water supplies.

Romanowski says it is ultimately a successful cost-saving method as well.

"It saves all of us, individuals and the government a great deal of money in preventing tooth decay and preventing treatment that would have to be rendered."

Online Reporter:  Jason Epner

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