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Health Plus: Covenant RIPT, Part 2

A new fitness program at Covenant Medical Center is helping a lot of local people get on a healthier path.

But "RIPT", as it's called, focuses on more than exercise.

In Health Plus, Tara Thomas talks about the diet component.

We've heard it all before.

Move more, eat less and you'll lose weight, right?

Well, it is that simple.

"A fourth of the plate is meat. A fourth of the plate is grains. Lots of vegetables. Use simplified teaching tools to help them get that healthy eating easier," says Mary Steffensmeier, a Covenant registered dietitian.

Steffensmeier is working with other Covenant Wellness Center staff in Waterloo on the new RIPT program that started this week.

The 10-week session includes three weekly fitness classes and nutritional seminars.

"Hopefully by getting involved with a program you become more aware of your serving sizes, your portions and that knowledge does stay with you."

Steffensmeier works regularly with patients who need to change their diets for medical reasons, but anyone can benefit from healthier eating.

"If you expect everybody to do the same thing, they're sure to fail. Just because you can't do the same program your friend does, doesn't mean you can't be successful at weight loss."

This is what five pounds of fat looks like.

To keep it off your body means keeping some food off your plate.

Covenant Medical Center is offering a series of "eating healthy" classes for five dollars each.

To register for one of the 30-minute seminars about everything from carbohydrates to meal planning, call this number 272-2265.

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