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Personal snow plows popular this winter

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- For the past 24 hours crews have been out on the roads of Eastern Iowa. All plowing what's left of the storm. In return, all this snow is creating a growing interest in personal plows.

If you're tired of the snow you aren't alone. Ask anyone at Driveline Dubuque Incorporated, and they'll tell you this snow is heaven send pennies.

"The cold and snow is helping out but it's been a good winter," said AJ Riedl.

A winter with already as much snow as last winter combined. But this year Driveline has seen an increase in people taking matters into their own hands.

"As far as a rural stand point they're very convenient for if, let's say you need to plow your lot you can get up early and plow your drive way instead of snow blowing your driveway," said Riedl.

That means more of personal plows driving around, helping remove snow. And believe it or not, the process is easy, after you spend the money.

"You can just drive into the plow, flip up two levers the plow is hooked up and you can do your plowing," said Riedl.

Getting something like this installed can cost you anywhere from $3,700 to $5,500. But everyone here says its well worth the cost. Especially during winter months like these.

"It's very simple, very quick, you're inside of your vehicle. You can listen to the radio, drink your coffee and it's warm. You're not outside where it's cold and freezing," said Riedl.

And just because you get a plow put on the front of your truck doesn't mean it has to stay there all year round. In fact it takes under two minutes to install and uninstall the plow. So you can take it off just in time for summer.

As for paying to get your driveway or parking lot plowed, most companies we spoke with say they charge either a one time rates or charge hourly depending on the size of the job.

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