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Blowing snow a "norm" for Dubuque County residents

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- It was a light fluffy snow fall, but now that snow is blowing. And causing problems for rural communities.

Thursday night snow was clearly blowing in downtown Dubuque. But it was a different story in rural parts of Dubuque County.

All you have to do it listen. And you'll know it's windy. But take a look at the North Cascade Road just outside of Dubuque. If you can find that road.

"Oh it's just wonderful the winds blowing," said Jason Horstman.

Horstman lives along this road. We caught up with him Thursday night, trying to plow his driveway

"I'm trying to plow some snow here but the wind just blows that snow where as fast as I can push her off," said Horstman.

Just down the street, Bill Bodish finishes his driveway and moves to his neighbors.

"I cleared my driveway its about 500 feet wide and now I'm clearing my neighbors driveway. He's and elderly gentleman. So I clear our driveways and I do the shoulder then too," said Bodish

This isn't new to residents here. Many have their own snow removal equipment. Bodish just got this one for Christmas. But after a Wednesday's snow fall, it seems to be never ending.

"By the time tomorrow gets here the driveway will probably be blown shut," said Horstman.

Both say they prepare to get snowed in, but usually find a way out. As for North Cascade Road, neighbors recommend you stay off the road, unless you live here.

"This road really doesn't get plowed too often and on a good day we'll see four or five cars go in the ditch," said Horstman.

"Its a good road for snowmobiles this time of day. It is pretty tough getting through some nights," said Bodish.

Crew from the city of Dubuque and the Department of Transportation will be out over night, trying to clear the roads for you Friday morning commute. As for the people who live in rural Dubuque County, they this is a part of winter.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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