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Health Plus: RIPT, Part One

Lose weight, get in shape.

These resolutions top many a new year list.

In Health Plus, Tara Thomas details a program that can help you make it happen.

It takes work for Sheri Purdy and Merriam Lake to be in shape.

And now they want to help you reach your own fitness goals.

"You definitely want to use about 20 minutes or more of continuous movement when you don't have a lot of breaks because that's where you're gonna build the most muscle and have the best results as far as fat burning goes," says Sheri.

Next week, Covenant's new RIPT program starts.

RIPT stands for resistance interval physical training.

"A lot better in a group setting because you've got the music going, you've got the people there. When everybody's there is just kind of gets your adrenaline up and people don't tend to quit as easily if there's someone standing next to you," says Merriam.

The 10-week program will offer 3 class times for three weekly workouts at the Kimball Ridge Center in Waterloo.

Educational seminars will cover weight loss.

"We also offer three classes throughout that 10 weeks in the evening that you can attend on nutrition, caloric expenditure and then how to feel and look younger as you age, how to burn the most fat as you age," says Sheri.


50 dollars for Covenant Wellness members.

150 for everyone else.

And that includes a 10-week membership to the facility.

In Waterloo, Tara Thomas, Iowa's News Channel 7.

Here is the number to call if you'd like to join Tara and take part in Covenant's RIPT program:


The winter session starts Monday.

Tara will do daily updates about it on her Baby Steps blog.


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