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Subzero temperatures: Too cold for some cars

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Subzero temperatures can mean car trouble. Many Iowans woke up Saturday morning to find their cars wouldn't start, and that situation kept tow truck drivers busy.

"Anytime when it gets below zero, you start to see more calls come in for batteries and no starts and stuff," D.J. Trettin of Jim Lind BP Service in Waterloo said.

About three hours into his shift, Trettin had already helped jumpstart eight cars.

"I'd say usually we get quite a few more, but I suppose since it's Saturday, people aren't venturing out."

Trettin says dead batteries are pretty common, but often times you can see the problem coming in advance.

"When it gets cold, your car will normally crank harder anyway, but on a typical day, warmer out, and it's starting to crank harder, you can probably notice your battery's getting weak," Trettin said.

While a jumpstart is usually a quick fix, it can be hassle, and Trettin says the best thing is to check things out before subzero temperatures hit.

"The best way to prevent it is probably every fall go ahead and get your battery checked because if it's weak, it won't start when it gets cold out."

Experts we talked to say sometimes a simple jumpstart won't cut it. Other things like needing a new battery or spark plugs can mean getting towed into the mechanic's shop.

Online Reporter:  Jamie Grey

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