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Robbery suspects agree to come back to Iowa

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- Two men accused of robbing a Dubuque bank will be coming back to Iowa to face their 2nd Degree Robbery charges. 23-year-old Travis Strowbridge and 22-year-old Michael Holton waived extradition Wednesday morning in a Madison County, Kentucky court.

The two were arrested there the day after police say they robbed two bank employees who were loading an ATM at U.S. Bank of JFK Road in Dubuque. This case is just one example as the County Attorney's office says Dubuque County handles a lot of extraditions.

"All 50 states have agreed to follow the same rules on extradition, and so basically, it's an honor system because we honor each others requests. Because we are in a border community, it's a bigger issue for us," Assistant Dubuque County Attorney Chris Corken said.

In the U.S. Bank robbery case, it's a felony charge, so the county wanted them back, no matter where in the country they were. On the flip side, suspects charged with less aren't as sought after, and some not at all.

"If somebody is charged with a simple misdemeanor or a serious misdemeanor, and they are over in Illinois or Wisconsin, we can't do an extradition to bring them back. We have to wait until they come back," Corken said.

Holton and Strowbridge waived extradition, meaning they agree to come back without a lengthy legal process between states.

Corken says there are a couple of reasons many defendants choose to waive extradition. One is they can come back to the originating county and actually stand trial perhaps faster. The other is any time spent in a jail outside the jurisdiction is considered dead time.

"They don't get credit for that, where as if they're here in jail on a charge and they don't' get to trial for six months, but they haven't been able to post bond, that six months, they are given credit for that time served," Corken said.

Holton and Strowbridge both face related charges pending in Kentucky and may have to finish there before being brought back.

We have learned one of the suspects, Travis Strowbridge, lived with one of the bank employees robbed, according to court documents. She is not considered a suspect.

Strowbridge was a standout football player for the University of Dubuque.  Old rosters indicate Holton also played on the team at the same time.

Online Reporter:  Jamie Grey

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