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Frozen roofs causing problems

DES MOINES (KWWL) -- As the sun thaws the snow and ice from our roofs, unfortunately many are seeing water leaking into their homes.

It's been a busy day for Leonard Ross and his partner. Ten hours of shoveling, pounding and hammering their way through one thick sheet of ice after another.

The icicles may be pretty, but when ice gets in your gutter, it only spells trouble.

The melting ice leaked under the shingles and right into Darcy Olson's kitchen.

But Olson isn't the only one waking up to leaking kitchens, Hedburg and Sons Roofing has a long list of jobs. They had one hundred calls Monday, and they only expect to get busier in the next few weeks.

Headburg and Sons says the only way to get rid of the ice is to physically chip it out. They don't recommend putting salt or ice melt on roof. They say it will stain the shingles.

They also recommend using a snow rake next time it snows.


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