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EVANSDALE (KWWL) -- This holiday season is likely one of those that Bob Cargin will have a hard time living down.

"Normally we come at Thanksgiving, but we got busy and couldn't make it thanksgiving. So, we thought we'd come this week," he explained.

He, along with his wife and four kids, left Ohio around six Wednesday evening... destined for grandma's house in Humbolt. But before they hit the road, they spent a good amount of time with their eye on the radar.

"We thought it was important for us to go because it's going to get worse. This is a little bit of a window of opportunity now," Cargin said.

They're one of many families willing to risk rough travel to get home for the holidays. Although, they are continuing to watch the forecast as they head down the highway.

"I've got the weather map on my Blackberry. The radar, and I've got this temperature gauge just to see what the temp is," he laughed.

Others at the Evansdale truck stop, are on a shorter drive. Kevin Werner is heading from Manchester to Cedar Falls. It usually takes him less than an hour, but he left early to make sure he'd arrive on time.

Werner said he, "started abut 45 minutes earlier, figured the trip could be about twice as long as normal. I've got a little extra time right now this morning, so it's kind of nice."

Werner is using the time to take a little nap. Now that's a Christmas gift, we can all appreciate.

Crews at the Iowa Department of Transportation in Waterloo also took advantage of the calm overnight weather to catch up on sleep. They're back out Thursday afternoon and are continuing to watch the storm.

Online Reporter: Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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