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Ice Melt Options

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Two days before Christmas, and the hot item in stores, is of course, cold-weather related.

Hardware store manager Nicholas Shores explained, "ice melt is very popular today."

When it comes to melting your drive, there's a product to fit every need. From the powerful, take-no-prisoners salt, to the more environmentally friendly options.

"Meaning that it won't hurt the soil, won't hurt the grass, won't hurt the concrete," said Shores.

Scott Secor is breaking into the green melt market with a product you might think would leave your driveway looking red. He uses beet juice to pump up each crystal's natural ability.

He said, "with this beet juice on it, it works down to 20-30 degrees below zero."

It's already a popular product. Now, he's actually making it on site, in his new Waterloo warehouse.

Secor noted, "hopefully we can buy locally, keep people employed, and have a more environmentally friendly area."

And for the record, the rocks are more the color of sand, not rosy-red beets.

"When you walk through it, and walk into the house, is it going to stain the floor? No," he added.

We checked with a few local hardware stores. They all have enough ice melt on hand to get through the storm.

Online Reporter: Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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