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Prep Your Car for Holiday Travel

WATERLOO (KWWL) --  Storm or no storm, the fact is many people are still planning a holiday trip this week.  87.7 million of them, according to AAA.  A new report by the travel experts suggests the majority of families, are getting there on four wheels.

It's easier said than done during the busy holiday season.  But the smartest thing you can do before heading out on the road, is stop by your local auto service shop. 

Auto service expert Gary Gilbert noted, "it's just that time of year, everybody's got other things on their minds other than their cars."

It may be the last thing you're thinking about.  But chances are, you're counting on it to take you home for Christmas.

"We're a mobile society, and we depend on our vehicles," Gilbert pointed out.

Even more true around the holidays.  AAA expects 77.7 million Americans to get behind the wheel this week.  Gilbert recommends you start your trip by letting an expert get under the hood.

Gilbert said, "in this kind of weather, you definitely want to make sure you've looked things over."

Other than the typical checks, Gilbert stresses the need to monitor your window washing fluid.

"The dirt comes up when the trucks go by, and you're going to have a really, really tough time seeing," he said.

While you're at it, take a look at the wiper blades, and as always, keep your tire pressure at the proper level.

Gilbert notes, these hints won't prevent every accident.  But he hopes they might help you make it to your holiday destination... safely.

"Who wants to stay home, when there might be a meal sitting at someone's house?" he joked.

In this weather, Gilbert also recommends keeping a spare jug of washer fluid in your trunk... just in case.  And he had one more "wintery" car hint.  If your wiper blades are stuck to your window, pry them out of the ice before turning them on.  Otherwise, you could end up shorting out the motor.

Online Reporter: Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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