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State Patrol Cautions Holiday Travel

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) -- Iowa State Patrol is preparing for possible problems as families head out for their holiday trips.  But right now, troopers are doing the same thing everyone else is -- keeping their eyes on the forecast.

Senior Trooper Mark Sigwarth is cautioning families, if the weather gets bad, don't take a chance on the road.  Due to the tightening state budget, there are fewer state troopers working at any given time.  And they are not planning to have additional men and women on the schedule over the holidays.  Which means, if you do get into trouble, it could take longer for someone to help you out.

Trooper Sigwarth said your best bet is to leave before the storm hits, if possible.  If you are not able to start your trip early, pay close attention to weather reports.  He points out, no vacation is worth risking your life.

"I think most people want to go someplace over the holidays. They're off work, they want to see family, they want to see friends. And that's going to be a push for them to go someplace. But lets make sure common sense prevails and if its not safe, don't venture out," said Trooper Sigwarth.

If you do try to travel, and get to a point where the roads are just too bad to continue, he recommends pulling into a hotel or restaurant.  Trooper Sigwarth said by getting off the road, you're making it easier for road crews to do their job.

Online Reporter: Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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