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Eastern Iowa couple falls victim to "Grandparents Scam"

INDEPENDENCE (KWWL) - An Independence couple is speaking out after falling victim to a phone scam earlier this week.  They say the scammers pretended to be their grandson - needing money to get out of a Canadian jail.  Turns out, he was a free man - at work - in Colorado.  The couple found out after they sent the scammers nearly $3000.

Don and Judy Scott see their grandson, Nathan, about once a year.  So when they got a call Wednesday morning they thought he was in trouble.

"He says I need your help. I'm in so much trouble. But before I say anything promise me you won't tell Mom," said Judy Scott.

"We don't see our grandson for only once a year. If he says I'm in Canada, I can't question it because he's 19-20 years old and I don't know where he is all the time," said Don Scott.

They said the scammer handed the phone to someone posing as a jailer.  He told them to wire money to a certain account and tell Western Union they knew who was on the receiving end.  They didn't know and it cost them.  Now they want others to be warned.

"If they luck out and pick a name that is your grandson, then say OK where do you live? What's your mom and dad's name? What's my maiden name? Anything where the person would have to know you to know the answer," said Judy Scott.

Once the Scotts knew they were scammed, that supposed jailer called back to say he received the money.  Don Scott told the man the police are on the case.

"I just turned bright red and wanted to pinch his neck til his head fell off," said Don Scott.

The Scotts say they've heard that another person in Independence fell victim to a similar scam last year.  They want to get in touch with that person to compare notes.  The Scotts say if something just doesn't sound right, question it.  They say they should have done that when they were told to wire that money to Manchester in the United Kingdom, not Hudson, Canada.

Online Reporter:  Bob Waters

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