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Old-fashioned games making a comeback

IOWA CITY (KWWL) - Electronic gadgets, movies and videogames are always hot sellers during the holidays, but some Eastern Iowa retailers say old-fashioned toys and board games are making a comeback.

They're the toys you might remember playing with as a child whenever you visited grandparents.

"What we have right now are a lot of wooden toys, and we have also a lot of felted toys," said Astrid Bennett at the Iowa Artisans Gallery.

Many local artists bring their handmade toys to this store, and Bennett says customers have flocked here in search of them. Many items are already sold out.

"We had little marble games that were like tic-tac-toes with marbles, we had some puzzles. We've sold a very large train set that was in the front window."

She's noticed a growing trend of shoppers looking for unique gifts that jumpstart the imagination.

"We have sweaters that have been repurposed into puppets."

Jerod Leupold has seen an equally-strong demand for games, ones not played with joysticks and buttons. He says board game sales at Critical Hit Games in Coralville goes up by a staggering 500% this time of year.

"It does just explode," said Leupold. "I always make sure to order about triple of whatever we've got, just to try to keep stuff on the shelves."

Leupold tells us board games are inherently accessible because they range from simple and lighthearted to crushingly complex.

"Tigris and Euphrates, I only play it twice a year. I don't want my brain to explode."

He says it makes sense that board games have stayed popular, especially during the time of year when families and friends spend time together.

"All of these games encourage interaction, and you're kind of forced to have a good time, actually."

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