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YGC: Pop Can Christmas

by Danielle Wagner

WASHINGTON (KWWL) Three classes of second graders at Stewart Elementary in Washington collected thousands and thousands of pop cans. It's a fundraiser called "Pop Can Christmas."

"We ask the kids to bring in either cans or bottles and then we count the pop cans and it's a great counting by fives activity, seeing how many cans are in a dollar," said teacher Joan Hippen.

Besides math, it also teaches the students about caring. All the money raised is used to buy Christmas gifts for children in need.

"We have a goal of $500 because we like to spend $50 per kid. $25 for clothes and $25 dollars for toys," said Hippen.

The students surpassed their goal raising $560.75 which means they collected 11,215 pop cans!

"We got some from my mom and dad's work because we made posters they hung them up so they helped," said students Dawsen & Drake Schluetter.

"Our aunt gave us a whole lot, but she doesn't drink the pop. Her two sons drink the pop that's how we got a lot of the pop cans," said students Ellie and Sophie Bell.

Thanks to all the cans, ten children in Washington County will have a little brighter Christmas.

"I want to let the kids know Christmas is more than just what's on their list, and they're so excited to be able to help somebody and that person won't know it's from us so it's really exciting," said Hippen

Hippen said the students definitely understand Christmas is about giving, not just receiving.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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