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UI graduates entering poor job market

IOWA CITY (KWWL)  It's a time characterized by a vast array of emotions.

For millions of students across the country, receiving their college degree is a major milestone.

But for many in 2009's fall graduating class, it's also a time filled with uncertainty and frustration.

"Nobody's hiring right now, it's a little discouraging," said Sean Walshire, a graduate of the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Iowa's unemployment rate has ballooned to 6.7%, up nearly 2.5% in the past year.  the national unemployment rate currently sits at 10%

College of Liberal Arts and Science Director of Student Academic Services Peter Hubbard says fall graduates have an even tougher time landing a job.

"There are usually fewer employers that are looking for employees this time of year, so it can be a little more difficult."

Abby Rau is hoping to find a full-time teaching job in Minnesota.  For now, she'll settle for part-time work.

"Halfway through the semester is really hard to get a job, and so I"ll be subbing," said Rau.

Sean Walshire has had tough luck in the job market thus far, and says he will start looking for work outside of his degree.

"I was told you go to college you get a job, and I graduated and don't have a job so it's a little frfrustrating

Meanwhile Cortney Jolin will attend graduate school to receive her masters in nursing, putting off, for the time being, having to enter the workforce.

"I'm thankful that i Ion't have to be searching for jobs," said Jolin.

Economic experts predict better times lie ahead, but for this weekend's graduating class...

"It's the waiting game, I guess," said recent graduate Justin Hoehn.

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