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Relief from Pain -- Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Imagine feeling constant pain -- every single day.

It can make your life miserable.

But a promising therapy using your own blood could change everything.

Charlotte Marsden of Cape May, New Jersey says the pain was so bad it robbed her of simple pleasures like going for a bike ride on a beautiful day -- that is until recently.

Charlotte had a torn rotator cuff that was causing her tremendous discomfort and she suffered for years from debilitating arthritis in her knee. Charlotte had even gone as far as to schedule knee replacement surgery when Dr. Scott Greenberg of the Magaziner Wellness Center suggested that she try platelet rich plasma therapy, or PRP.

Dr. Scott Greenberg says, "It's a tissue graft that has a combination of platelets and also the person's growth factors and even a few stem cells. So it's backed by real science and backed by real publications and real papers."

Here's how it works: a small sample of a person's own blood is drawn. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge that spins the blood at high speeds.
This process separates the platelets from the other components. It takes about 15 minutes and the concentrated platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the injured area.

Dr. Greenberg says, "It acts like a super glue and literally regenerates the damaged area. It forms a biological scaffold around the tissue which basically enables a damaged area to heal. And it makes your injury literally go away."

Charlotte got PRP treatments in both her knee and her shoulder and says she feels like a new woman.

Dr. Greenberg says PRP can be used to treat a variety of problems including sports injuries, chronic tendonitis, and arthritis.

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