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Man thrown off overpass

It's an incredible story of survival.

A Waterloo man involved in a minor, icy fender-bender ends up getting knocked off an overpass.

Tonight he knows he's lucky to be alive:

"Went to turn and nothing happened. Hit the brakes and nothing happened and bang!"

Don Gavigan looks great considering what he's been through.

Wednesday morning he was driving home from work on Highway 218 when he hit ice just before the 63 off ramp in Waterloo.

"Next thing I know I don't remember getting out of my car but I remember looking at the front of the car and hearing 'Oh my God!' and it sounded like tires scraping on ice."

The 49-year-old Waterloo man doesn't remember how he ended up walking around in the parking lot below.

But he now knows another car slid into his '85 Monte Carlo and threw him off the overpass into a snow bank 20-feet down.

No broken bones.

No internal injuries.

The snow cushioned the blow.

"I feel fortunate to be a survivor. I would rather not have been involved in the first place. But I feel good to be a survivor."

His advice to winter drivers involved in traffic accidents?

Stay in your car.

Tara Thomas

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