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Health Plus: Angelman Syndrome, Part Two

Last week we told you about an eastern Iowa girl with a rare condition getting help locally.

In Health Plus, more about Tamara and her Angelman Syndrome.

It's the best birthday gift Brandy Stewart has ever received.

"She said it on my birthday, to be honest. She said, "Mom," on my birthday. And I was so happy that was like the best gift I ever had for my birthday," says Brandy.

Her daughter, Tamara, has Angelman's Syndrome, a rare neuro-genetic disorder that delays development.

She didn't know if her 3-year-old daughter would ever speak.

But thanks to therapists at Waterloo's Covenant Medical Center, it's happening.

"She doesn't have a really concrete way, as in verbally. But she's able to communicate more with pictures as well as we're just sort of playing around with more the cause and effect of communication," says the speech therapist. 

Tamara comes to Covenant Rehab once a week to work with speech language pathologist Abby Waldschmitt.

"It's very dependent on each child. You know they kind of help draw us into what path we're going to be taking with them so it's very hard to give us a final idea of what she'll be doing," says Abby.

Her family watches Tamara's therapy to apply the techniques at home.

 "Yes, that's why I'm doing what I'm doing because she may not talk but I can be her voice and get her story out there," says her mom.

Tamara's mom knows a team approach is key to helping her daughter's progress.

And she appreciates all the people making that happen!

We hate to report that Tamara recently started having seizures, something that happens with nearly 80-percent of children with Angelman Syndrome.

Tara Thomas 


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