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Unusual ways to get cosmetic cures

Whether we want to admit it or not, image is important to many people.  That's why a growing number of Americans are seeking cosmetic cures for their problems.  But some are doing off-the-wall things you may not have heard about.

"I would say about 5-percent of people come in, asking for off-beat procedures," Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gilbert Lee said.

Hate your ankles? have droopy earlobes ... Or fat knees?  You can fix it ... For a price.

"For those people we have been creating and inventing new techniques to handle their complaints," Dr. Lee said.

This 42-year-old mom had liposuction.

"I wish I would have done it 20 years ago," patient Jennifer Castillo said.

On her knees!

"Just a fatty areas that would never go away even if I exercised or dieted. It was always there and bothered me," Castillo said.

Her plastic surgeon says knee lipo is fairly common.  He's also performed liposuction on the calf and ankle area, nicknamed "cankles."

"You can get that calf and lower leg to look much better, much sleeker, more feminine look.  It's pretty aggressive, it's longer healing time, it's somewhat painful," plastic surgeon Dr. John Smoot said.

Dr. Gilbert Lee says some of his patients want their earlobes plumped and padded.

"Sometimes an elderly patient may have a floppy earlobe and we put fillers of fat into the earlobes to give it a more full, robust and youthful look to it," Dr. Lee said.

While some people may question these odd surgeries, Dr. Lee says procedures designed to fine-tune features are becoming more popular.

"The little, small procedures are actually becoming more and more mainstream. As long as we're not endangering the patient's welfare, I think it's ok to do the littler procedures that bother a patient," Dr. Lee said.

The most expensive of the surgeries is "cankle" lipo.  dr. Lee says it costs around $6,000.

Both doctors say patients should always seek out a board certified plastic surgeon for any procedure, especially those that are unusual.

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