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Evansdale Snow Pile Safety

EVANSDALE (KWWL) -- From his home of four years, Gary Westcott watches kids come and go from school everyday... no matter what the weather.

"I know there are a few kids that come walk every morning. It don't make a difference how cold it is, they're walking down here."

You might think dealing with chilly temps on the way to school is bad enough. But kids in Evansdale are facing another hurdle - giant snow piles reaching upwards of eight feet high. 

Westcott said, "it's been like this since it snowed last week!"

City crews are in the process of cleaning up from the first major winter storm.  And it's taking longer than some might like.

Mayor Chad Deutsch pointed out, "people think we have some sort of magic wand to take care of it, and we don't. It takes manpower, and it takes hours to do it."

Westcott isn't asking for magic.  Just a little consideration for neighborhood tykes trekking to class.

"I think they could do a little better job around these schools to keep the walks clean, so these kids don't have to wade in snow knee deep," he said.

Westcott watches kids try to climb over the embankment in front of his home every single day. He's concerned one of these times, they're going to get injured, or even run over.

Deutsch noted, "it's something they have to negotiate around or go over, and the traffic in the street puts them in a position they don't really need to be in."

The Mayor realizes this is a problem.  But street crews are working overtime to clear all the intersections, and he's hoping to be ready for the next storm within a couple days.

Deutsch reminds homeowners, they are responsible for clearing the sidewalks.  The city will take care of snow piles on intersections.  He added, cleaning up from a major storm like we had can take as long as a week and a half.

Online Reporter: Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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