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After being shot, Lt. Baxter back on duty

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- A police officer is back on the job after being shot just a week and a half ago. Lieutenant Scott Baxter was injured while responding to an armed robbery in downtown Dubuque.

71-year-old Eddie Chest and his son 46-year-old Eddie Adams are charged with his attempted murder.

Lieutenant Baxter came back on the job Monday after being cleared by doctors and the department. He is back to his duties as crime prevention and public relations officer on completely unrestricted duty. That's back to carrying his badge, gun, and dealing with all of our media questions.

"It's a little bit different. It's not like walking in on a regular Monday," Baxter said. "I never had any reluctancy to come back. When you choose a profession like this, there's certainly inherent dangers that come with it. I love what I do, I love helping people."

During his time off, the support flooded in, including hundreds of cards and letters ranging in senders from school children to police departments in other states.

"It left me speechless, which is kind of rare for me. I'm normally not at a loss for words, but it did," Baxter said.

Baxter has been with the department for 13 years, most recently in an administrative job, but as he saw , he still faces what any officer does.

"My family and even myself to a degree had gotten a bit complacent and got a false sense of security and obviously that came to a screeching halt Thursday afternoon," Baxter said.

Baxter says he is forever grateful for the other emergency responders who came to his side that day.

"That speaks volumes as to the type of people we have working here at our fire departments and law enforcement agencies across our state and country. I was just anxious to come back to work and be a part of that team again," Baxter said.

If there's one word Baxter has used a lot lately, it's thankful.

"As the holidays approach, it's very timely to take a step back and be thankful for what you have, and who you have in your life," Baxter said.

Baxter says he still has some follow-up appointments with his doctor. He may still have some trouble with his hand and arm as a result of the shooting.

Baxter is unable to talk specifically about the shootout because of the pending trials of both Adams and Chest. Investigations are still ongoing.

Online Reporter:  Jamie Grey

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