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Linn County: reduce exposure to Sinclair property fire smoke

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) -- Linn County Public Health wants residents in the area near the Sinclair property to reduce exposure to smoke created by a Tuesday morning fire.  Officials specifically advise people living or working immediately east of the area to consider staying indoors and limiting exercise. 

The property caught fire around 6:30 a.m.  Investigators are calling it suspicious because there are no utilities connected to the vacant facility.  A fire in July at the same site was also ruled suspicious.

Officials say not everyone who is exposed to smoke will have health problems.  However, multiple factors, including duration of exposure, age, and individual susceptibility play significant roles in determining whether someone will experience smoke-related health problems.  Those with asthma and allergies may experience more problems with exposure; exposure may also cause aggravation of pre-existing respiratory and cardiovascular disease.

"People living or working near the site of the fire should take necessary precautions to protect themselves against exposure to smoke, particularly if they have a chronic upper respiratory illness such as asthma or COPD." Recommends Jim Hodina, Air Pollution Control Officer, "Linn County Public Health will continue to work closely with the CRFD in their response to the situation to ensure the health of Linn County residents is protected."

Linn County Public Health says residents should air out their homes to reduce indoor air pollution once the air quality improves.

Online Producer: Mike Verlo

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