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Oh Baby: Peek-a-boo Baby

by Sunny Layne

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) -- From the first time parents see those adorable baby hands and feet, they fall in love.

As part of a new series called "Oh Baby" News Channel Seven anchor and mom-to-be Sunny Layne shows us some of the best trends for your bundle of joy.

From the return of classic toys, to cutting edge science, Cedar Falls' Peekaboo Baby owner Deb Kroll shows us some of the hottest in baby trends.

"The twist is cozy modern," Kroll said.

Starting where we all do: in the cradle, Kroll says the stark modern look is out, and so are strict themes.

"It's about color, texture, fabrics. The majority of people pick their color first and go from there, whereas they used to pick a theme and go from there," she said.

Next, clothing. Many parents are looking for green, and not just the color choice.

"People are coming in to organically grown and cotton is one of the biggest."

For a touch of whimsy, Kroll says flowered headbands are a top seller.

"These are one of the top 5 hot things right now. For babies not born with a lot of hair, they're so cute."

And when baby needs to rest, these two friendly-looking sound machines are winners according to Kroll's kids. The Twilight Turtle...

"Every night since she was born, she has slept with the Twilight Turtle.

And the Sleep Sheep...

"They're used to the sound of mom's heart."

The sounds mimic what baby hears in the womb, mom's heart, as well as spring showers and whale songs.

To cover your tootsies, both mom and child can choose her own look.

"It's Little Mismatch. They come with three socks that don't match but coordinate in some way, and the idea is about creativity."

With some toys, what was old is new again.

"There is a resurgence with wooden toys. Parents want to share the same experience they had with their kids."

And talk about a blast from the past, cloth diapers are back! but don't be too quick to judge.

"If I would've known about this when I had kids - oh!" Kroll said.

Kroll says a typical child goes through 3,000 disposable diapers a year.

What was once thought of as an old-fashioned idea, now cloth diapers are a hot new item. Saving parents anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 dollars just in the first year, not to mention the environmental benefits.

Because every parent wants to keep their baby safe, many parents opt for a sleep sac or baby wrap.

"Put them in a sleep sack. This is it. Don't use blankets. Nothing to get over their face. The worry of SIDS is getting something on the face," Kroll said. "I prefer the swaddling blanket, it's a source of security, they sleep better from a very early point sleeping through the night. It mimics the womb."

With safety first in mind, style and saving can go along for the ride as you take your baby adventure.

Join Sunny Layne next time when she shows you how to get some of the hottest in kid's clothes and toys for a fraction of the price.

Reporter: Sunny Layne

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