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Snow piles create blind spots at intersections


by Danielle Wagner

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) Everywhere you drive, you're bound to see intersections at least partially blocked by snow.

When first clearing the roads, the snow has to go somewhere. That's usually off to the side in piles. Sometimes piles can reach the height of street signs.

"The first step is to get the roads cleared off and then the snow has to go somewhere too so it all takes time and people need to use common sense," said Lt. Brooke Krantz with the Cedar Falls Police Department.

In Cedar Falls, once the roads are clear then the public works department starts clearing away piles.

When Cedar Falls Police Officers are patrolling and notice especially slick spots and high snow piles at intersections, the officer calls it in to the public works department and someone get out to the location as soon as possible.

Often times skid loaders pick up the snow, load it into a truck and the truck takes the snow somewhere else. In Cedar Falls, the snow goes to the compost pile or a park.

For drivers, police said be cautious when approaching an intersection with blind spots. Make sure you're not trying to stop right when you get to the intersection.

Once you've stopped...

"Proceeding with caution, making sure you're inching out before you go ahead and take off. Use your defensive driving skills making sure you're aware of your surroundings and things like that," said Lt. Krantz.

Lieutenant Krantz said it's important to pay attention to other drivers. Can they stop in time?Also, make sure you have enough time to accelerate through the intersection.

"There's some intersections still where it's a little tough going to get out there, so give yourself time. Give yourself time when you're heading anywhere too. It's gonna take longer than it normally does," said Lt. Krantz.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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