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Emergency Calls


WATERLOO (KWWL) -- As Waterloo firefighter Ty Graham put it, "it doesn't matter if its snowing, raining, flooding, this is what we do."

Graham and his fellow firefighters are up for the challenge.  But the first storm of the winter is causing trouble for their trucks.

"We have chained up our ambulances, and we're looking at chaining up our trucks as the day goes on," said Chief Doug Carter.

The day started... a little rough.

"We actually had a fire truck get stuck this morning," said Carter.

That crew had no problem putting out a vehicle fire.  Leaving the scene was a different story.

Graham said they worked their way out of a snow bank the same way any driver would, "shovel a foot, drive a foot. Shovel a foot, drive a foot."

Once the trucks pull back into the station, crews immediately do post-call treatment.

"Stuff freezes up!" explained Fire Department Engineer Sean Schott

So the first thing the firefighters do when they get back is wipe down all the doors - to make sure there's no ice built up on them.  Then they work on the drains for the main water pump.  They have to scoop away any ice, and then remove the lids so those can de-thaw before the next call.

The blizzard means getting to each call might take a few more minutes.  But these firefighters guaranteed, they'll find a way to make it.

 Online Reporter: Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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