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Travelers try to beat storm


KWWL (CEDAR RAPIDS)-  Neil Gibson's stay in Iowa was supposed to last until Friday.

After hearing the forecast, he wasted no time getting to the airport.

"It's supposed to be just terrible weather tonight and tomorrow, so I just booked an early flight," said Gibson 

Gibson was able to get the last seat on American Airlines flight 3683 to Dallas/Ft. Worth.

As it turns out, it was the last flight to depart Tuesday afternoon and maybe the last one able to get out of Cedar Rapids for some time.

"I'm more than lucky," said Gibson.

Many travelers weren't so lucky.

As the afternoon progressed, the weather forced United, Delta, and American to cancel dozens of scheduled flights leaving travelers scrambling to get to their destinations.

"It got canceled, the one I was supposed to go to was supposed to go to Chicago and than to San Francisco. They did get me on another plane from Dallas/Ft. Worth," said traveler Robin Allen. 

Others were unable to find alternatives and had to head home.

And given the forecast, it's hard to be optimistic about Wednesdays flights.

 "The flights that got canceled today, all these people will still want to leave at some point or get back to their destinations, it's that domino effect.  It's the Midwest, it's December, these things happen," said Pam Hinman of the Eastern Iowa Airport.

Online Reporter:  Jason Epner

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