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Hawkeye and Cyclone fans already booking Bowl trips


DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- Now that Hawkeye and Cyclone fans know where their team will be playing, it's a matter of trying to get there. Hawkeye fans will head to Miami to face Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl The Cyclones are playing Minnesota in the Insight Bowl in Tempe, Arizona.

For Ellie Fliehler, being a Hawkeye has been a family tradition since the 1930s. She's had season tickets for more than 20 years and has been to three bowl games.

"Pasadena was the big one. The Rose Bowl. And then when we froze at the Gator Bowl," Fliehler said.

This year, with the Hawks playing in Miami, she's already thinking about the best way to get there. There are no direct flights to south Florida from Iowa and it's at least a two day drive.

Here are some early estimates on cost. If you drive, we've found it would be about $250 in gas if you're car gets good mileage. A round trip flight from Cedar Rapids to Miami is running about $550 for that week. A rental car will run you about $200 for four days. Five nights of hotels may run you $250. Spending $25 a day on meals equals $150. Tickets to the game run $155 apiece. So for one person, that's a grand total of $805 or around $1,100 if you're flying.

Fliehler says she'll likely fly.

"Grab my daughter in Georgia and head to Miami."

Logistics aside, she's already ready to cheer the Hawkeyes on to what she's betting will be victory.

"Enjoy it whether they win or lose, but it's much more fun if they win!"

Online Reporter:  Jamie Grey

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