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Officers put life on the line daily


DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- Thursday's shooting is a reminder of just how dangerous law enforcement can be. Lieutenant Baxter and all officers are continually putting their life on the line to keep you safe. Its a job they take seriously.

Everyday, around the clock, law enforcement officers work to keep you safe. When one of their own is shot on the job, it's a reminder of just how much is on the line. Everyday.

Captain Tom Callahan has been a police officer for 37 years.

"I do what I do for a living," said Callahan.

During his time in law enforcement, he's been faced with just about every situation you can think of and says Thursday's shooting incident is what they train for.

"The officers undergo lots of training when they start the job and the department does annual training anything like defensive tactics and fire arms use," said Callahan.

Each officer is trained to use and shoot a gun. And expect the unexpected.

"Yesterday for example, the call went out as a possible gun call so your alertness is raised in a situation like that but its kind of also the "expect the unexpected," said Callahan.

Lt. Baxter's supervisor, Captain Scott Crabill says Baxter was the first to respond and react. It could have been anyone.

"You can always say what if any how things were gonna be handled. But he did what he was trained to do and addressed the situation, took action and was injured in doing that but in my opinion he did just a remarkable job," said Crabill.

A remarkable job that veterans like Callahan says is all a part of the job.

"We've trained for it. I can tell you after all these years I still enjoy coming to work everyday. We know the danger is out there we try to prepare for it. We just try to go with what faces it everyday," said Callahan.

Callahan says events like Thursday's shooting serve as a reminder, just how dangerous their jobs can be. He also says it was a collaborative effort. Dubuque police, Dubuque County Sheriffs, State Patrol, the Department of Criminal Investigation and Auxiliary Police all responded to Thursday's incident.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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