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Dubuque schools on lockdown after shooting


DUBUQUE (KWWL) - Right after the shooting, police and the Dubuque School District put six schools on lockdown.

Those schools were all within several blocks of the scene.

Marshall, Fulton, Audubon, and Prescott Elementary Schools, Jefferson Middle School and Central Alternative High School were all placed on external lockdown.

No-one could come in or out.

Buses were also delayed by about 25 minutes.

School district officials in Dubuque actually discussed lockdown procedures in an administrative meeting Thursday morning.

They didn't know they'd have to enact those procedures Thursday afternoon.

"It's just get safe as soon as possible," said Kris Hall with the Dubuque School District.

Those are the words being communicated between police and school officials after the shooting.

The district enacted it's lockdown procedures quickly.

"They do make an announcement in the schools so that teachers and students and other adults in the school are aware of the lockdown situation," said Dubuque Superintendent Larie Godinez.

"No matter how calm you are. Sometimes information can be blown out of proportion. It can cause some panic so each school does it differently based on the communication system they have," said Hall.

Hall says their procedures worked well.

Everyone stayed calm and no child was at risk.

"We're really careful about opening the doors for any reason because often we don't know the circumstances. We go by what the police department is telling us and we're on a need to know basis because they are busy dealing with their situation," said Hall.

Buses were delayed 25 minutes across the district - meaning students far away from the scene were still impacted.

"Our bus transportation is linked so if a bus goes to one school, it'll probably go to another school so when you start running buses and missing schools, that's a problem. So the best decision was we're going to hold all the buses," said Hall.

"There may have been some families it was an inconvenience for today but the reality is almost 11,000 kids got home safely," said Godinez.

School officials say they're already going over their procedures to make sure next time runs even more smoothly.

This is the first time the district has locked down six schools.

Today's lockdown affected about one-fourth of the district's enrollment.

Online Reporter:  Bob Waters

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