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WARNING: Snow causing multiple accidents

Semi accident at University and Falls Ave. in Waterloo Semi accident at University and Falls Ave. in Waterloo

WATERLOO (KWWL) - The snow is causing multiple accidents in Black Hawk County. The wind is also picking up. Drivers should use caution. At 10:30 am, Black Hawk County dispatchers say they've had more than a dozen weather-related calls for assistance.

The Iowa Department of Transportation gives the following winter weather driving tips.

- Check the weather forecast and road conditions before embarking on a trip. Check your local media, call the road condition number or go online for information on the Internet. If conditions are expected to be less than ideal, you may want to postpone a discretionary trip or use more caution if the trip cannot be delayed.

- Always maintain a reasonable speed and safe following distance from the vehicle in front of you. Winter road conditions often result in longer stopping distances and reduced visibility.

- Drive below the posted speed limit when road conditions are less than ideal – speed limits are intended for normal pavement conditions.

- Turn on lights to see and be seen. Keep head and tail lights clear of snow.

- Avoid using cruise control in winter driving conditions. You need to be in control of when your car accelerates based on road conditions – don't let the cruise control make a bad decision for you.

- If your car is equipped with anti-lock brakes, understand how to use them and what to expect when the anti-lock feature is activated.

- Don't drive through "white out" conditions. Be patient, wait it out and travel safely.

- Be aware that ramps, bridges and overpasses may occasionally freeze before other roadway segments.

Online Producer: Jason Mortvedt

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