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Iowa City Council to make decision on curfew ordinance


KWWL (IOWA CITY) - A proposed city-wide curfew is back on the Iowa City city council's agenda Tuesday night.

The curfew would keep teens 17 and under off the streets by midnight in an effort to curb some of the violent activity seen this past summer.

For months the Iowa City city council had seemingly been headed down the path of a city-wide curfew

"This has been an issue the whole community has waited on," said Mike Wright, a city council member. 

The council then decided to push the vote back in late September, giving members of the Safe Neighborhoods of Iowa City coalition a chance to gather feedback from the community.

The coalition group has scoured more than one thousand houses on the southeast side hoping to find an answer to the question, will a curfew help solve the summer's violent trend?

"We need to put things on the table along with the curfew so everybody feels part of the process where we feel it's a community curfew not for a certain individual or certain population of kids," said Henri Harper, member of the coalition.

Tuesday night, it's expected the city council will pass the second reading of the curfew.

Before doing so they'll hear from members of the coalition who will present their findings on whether or not the community wants a curfew in place.

Both sides feel this measure is only a step to building a stronger neighborhood.

"They're not a cure all, they maybe weren't designed to be in the first place but it's turned out to be a very tough decision," said Wright.

"I think the curfew is only a lighting rod for the issues as a whole. In some ways we're using the curfew as an out," said Harper.

If the ordinance passes Tuesday night's second reading, the council would then have to pass it one more time which will not happen until the next council meeting two weeks away.

Online Reporter:  Jason Epner

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